Paseos Subdivision in Jupiter, FL

About Homes For Sale in Jupiter’s Paseos Subdivision

Paseos Subdivision in Jupiter, FL The first thing you notice about Jupiter’s Paseos subdivision is that this is not a cookie-cutter community. Each and every house is unique, breathtaking, and oozing with character, unlike many other neighborhoods where nearly every home looks the same. As you drive through the area, you immediately notice the smooth sidewalks, manicured lawns, and generous use of leafy palms. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the thoughtful landscaping or find yourself in awe when you spot the walking trails and large nature preserve. However, it is the architecture that is going to make you feel like this is the only community you will happy in.

Compared to some Jupiter communities, the Paseos subdivision in Jupiter is relatively small. There are 325 homes here, but considering they are spread out over 175 pristine acres, it feels like you are in a small village rather than a neighborhood. These homes are generous in size, but not overdone, ranging from 1,850 to 3,600 square feet. It is not the size of the homes or the sparkling pools in many backyards that makes Paseos special though. Again, it all comes back to the architecture. Every breathtaking home boasts a distinct Mediterranean style, which really sets it apart from many other areas.

What is Mediterranean Architecture?

“Astonishingly aesthetic” is a common term used to describe Mediterranean-style architecture. To understand what it is, it is helpful to first become familiar with its history. The Mediterranean homes you appreciate in Paseos are inspired by Mediterranean-Revival style that was first introduced to America in the 19th century. It incorporated all of the most coveted elements of Venetian Gothic, Italian Renaissance, Spanish Colonial, Beaux-Arts, and Spanish Renaissance styles.

Mediterranean-Revival nearly instantly exploded in popularity, but was initially reserved for hotels, commercial structures, seaside villas, and palaces, primarily in Florida and California. A few note-worthy early structures include Villa Vizcaya, Freedom Tower, and Casa Casuarina, which is now more commonly known as the former home of Gianni Versace.

Elements of Mediterranean Homes in the Paseos Subdivision

Although the homes throughout Paseos are unique they will boast at least a few of the elements associated with Mediterranean architecture. In some cases, they may have every feature present.

  • Open Floor Plans – Closed and confined floor spaces are not found in traditional Mediterranean arches. There are minimal physical barriers to allow for an airy, spacious atmosphere with fantastic ventilation.
  • High Ceilings – You can expect at least one room in these homes to have very high ceilings. Some will have tall walls throughout.
  • Low-pitched Roofs – Barrel designs or those with two slopes are commonly seen on low-pitched roofs.
  • Stuccoed Exteriors – Some assume that an exterior of a home is stuccoed purely for aesthetic purposes. However, this process increases the strength and durability of the wall.
  • Arched Entrances – A dramatic entrance is a staple in Mediterranean architecture. Arches add to the aesthetics, but also support upper levels.
  • Grounds – Patios, courtyards, and elaborate gardens are associated with this type of architecture. Fountains often play a role in creating the visual display, as the Mediterranean region views water as a source of life. However, not all homes in Paseos have fountains, but many have pools.

Mediterranean architecture today is viewed as a status symbol in America. It is impossible to look at the homes in Paseos, and not feel as though you are part of an elite class.


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