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Why Choose a Jupiter Inlet Colony Home For Sale?

Jupiter Inlet Colony Homes For SaleLocation of Jupiter Inlet Colony

The wonderful community and gorgeous houses have a little something to do with why Jupiter Inlet Colony is such a coveted place to live, but it is the town’s unique location that really sparks the frenzy. There is no other place in the country quite like this little community, and Mother Nature probably couldn’t replicate such a paradise even if she tried.

Jupiter Inlet Colony is the southernmost tip of Jupiter Island. It lies 1 mile out from land, making this place a tropical oasis year-round. The Golf Stream is closest to North America in this precise location, providing you with an underground sea world to explore any time you want.

When you enter Jupiter Island via Beach Rd, you turn right to get into Jupiter Inlet Colony. There are only eight roads here. Waterfront property can be enjoyed on Ocean Drive and Lighthouse Drive. Beacon Ln, Shelter Ln, and Colony Rd run North and South, with Shelter Ln and Colony Rd connected by Pirates Pl and Cove Pl. Therefore, whether you have waterfront property or not, you are only steps away from private beaches wherever you happen to live.


Due to its unique location, Jupiter Inlet Colony touches the Atlantic Ocean, Laxahatchee River, and Intracoastal Waterway. This could have a little something to do with how perfect the weather is. The average winter temperature is 77 degrees Fahrenheit with water temperatures at a mild 72 degrees Fahrenheit. In the summer you enjoy temperatures of 88 degrees Fahrenheit, giving the water a bath-like temperature of 84 degrees Fahrenheit.

Jupiter Island

Beach Rd takes you clear to the other end of Jupiter Island. Along the way you pass Coral Cove Park, Blowing Rocks Preserve, Nature Conservancy, Hobe Sound Yacht Club, Jupiter Island Club, Hobe Sound Beach, and Hobe Sound Natural Wildlife Refuge.


As mentioned, Jupiter Inlet Colony is accessed via Beach Rd, which happens to be in Jupiter Inlet Outstanding Natural Area in Tequesta. So, even to the west, there are no buildings in the landscape or factories to pollute the air. If you cruise along the Loxahatchee River in your boat or kayak, you will see Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse from the water. If you cross by land, hang a right on Route 1 and you hit Jupiter Hills Golf Club, as well as the breathtaking Jonathan Dickson State Park, which offers endless opportunities for outdoor adventure.


Instead of turning right on Route 1 to go to the golf course, you will take a left to head into Jupiter. This is where you find all the dining, shopping, and entertainment opportunities you need. Of course, at the northern part is DuBois Park and Jupiter Beach Park, which means that once again, there are no buildings directly across from Jupiter Inlet Colony from this angle either. Jupiter Inlet Boat Rental is right across the Loxahatchee river and Jupiter Island Park is just about a mile further. Then, there are countless other parks and beaches within minutes, including Carlin Park, Jupiter Ridge Natural Area, Juno Beach Park, and Juno Dunes Natural Area.

Living in Jupiter Inlet Colony gives you access to diverse bodies of water, breathtaking parks, dozens of golf courses, and plenty of restaurants, boutiques, and historic sites. You are virtually guaranteed to never have a boring day for the rest of your life.




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