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5 Things You Don’t Know About Jupiter Inlet Colony

Jupiter Inlet ColonyIf you are considering a move to Jupiter Inlet Colony, you probably know all about the pristine beaches, beautiful nearby parks, and gorgeous homes. Most people know that this seaside town is considered a private paradise, but there are actually a few facts about this town that may surprise you, and make you fall in love even more.

Private Police Department

Jupiter Inlet Colony may have eight roads and less than 400 residents, but it does have its very own police department. Considering it is voted as the safest town in Florida, it is hard to believe there is even a need for law enforcement, but it is nice to know it is there 24/7. John Pruitt serves as Chief of Police, and has 24 years of experience. The town has its own mayor, too.

Famous Residents

This town has seen its share of famous residents which should not be too surprising. Olivia Newton-John may have been born down under, but she purchased a $4.1 million home in the colony with herb-peddling husband John Easterling in 2009. Just a short drive away is where you will find Alan Jackson’s $14 million oceanfront mansion, too.

The late Tammy Wynette had a home to escape to in this town, and Perry Como passed away in his sleep in 2001 in the home he had lived in for 29 years.


Most people do not think of Jupiter Island Colony as being kid-friendly, but it definitely is. In fact, the town even has a Colony Kids program, which is a neighborhood junior crime watch sponsored by the town and the police department. The town also puts on a KidsFest very year with interesting exhibit and fun activities. If that is not enough there are other organized activities for kids throughout the year. The Bicycle Safety Rodeo in 2013 is a great example.

Colony Birds

Jupiter Island Colony is a haven for bird lovers. You will definitely want to invest in a pair of birding binoculars, and a quality camera living here because there are countless species to be appreciated, both on and well off-shore. A few include osprey, brown pelican, laughing gull, ring-bellied gull, Bonaparte’s gull, sandwich tern, least tern, willet, black-bellied plover, sanderling, ruddy turnstone, white ibis, cattle egret, great egret, great blue heron, tricolored heron, northern gannet, double-crested cormorant, red-breasted merganser, mottled duck, belted kingfisher, black skimmer, killdeer, yellow-crowned night heron, and green heron.

Community Calendar

Although it is easy to live a very private lifestyle here, this town does have a tightknit community. There are constantly block parties, and events to participate in. Plus, the town has an official community events calendar. A few activities you can find throughout the year include garden club meetings, pizza with police in the park, sunrise church service on the beach, beach cleanup parties, pumpkin decorating, flower shows, and more.

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